Afraid to be Muslim?

Afraid to be Muslim?
Why Must We have to hide?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I just thought...

I cannot stand when someone talks about the way you feel. They may say "why be depressed" or "Why be mad?" or "Get over it"... I will listen to those words when you understand the way I feel. I would express the way I feel to you, but I am pretty sure you wouldn't understand. You may never know that being my age, Muslim, woman, and black growing up in this time is rough. You may not know my life or understand me. So therefore, I will sit and listen to you say things such as "Why be hurt?" or "It is not that serious"... I want you to remember that next time you're in pain. Next time someone breaks your heart, disrespects you, crushes your dreams, or lies on you. I want you to say to yourself, "Get over it" or "Why be mad" or "Stop crying" Then... You may come back to me and say those things. Once you have understood My Pain, THEN you may come back to me and say those things!!!!

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