Afraid to be Muslim?

Afraid to be Muslim?
Why Must We have to hide?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Devils Advocate...

Has you ever witnessed something knowing it was wrong but had sympathy. Like, you see your friends doing reckless things such as having premarital sex, or lying to their parents. These are things that are obviously calls for help. So when you see someone doing something wrong, try not to look down at them so easily. Sometimes, you just do not know what they may really have on their chest.

I know, Im being the devil's advocate. But I feel very sorry for people when I see them wondering aimlessly around town with people who do not care for them. Or when a woman compromises her luster, value, and self-confidence just for some idiot to hit it and quit it. And when a man sleeps with different women through out the week just to feel important. Isn't life about compassion? Why should I hate those people? I should help those people. Instead of looking down, I should raise THEM up. Some people are troubled and they do not know. That is why it is important for me to be good to them. Because someday they will see they are worth so much more.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beginning to count My Blessings!!!

On Sunday January 17th, I fed the homeless at my local Masjid (Place of worship ex.Church)As I looked at all the people passing through the line with hungry helpless looks on there face, I noticed how thankful I felt. I knew that at anytime all my blessings could be snatched away. I knew that I could lose my family, my home, my freinds, or my dignity. Im so thankful for my life. I am thankful that I do not live in a war stricken country with mines stuck in the ground in random places. I know that I am lucky to have an education and an opportunity to meet people.

I pray that I do not take any chance for granted. I pray that I can meet the next trial with faith and perseverance. Ameen...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few things that have been on my mind...

I know it is kinda random, and I dont get on often unless I have something to say. But I do believe this is important because I have been thinking this for a while now. I know that once my friends and family read this they will be very curious as to what goes on inside of my mind.

First I would like to say. I love my Religion, My Family, and My Friends. But within my religion I do not appreciate those who slander Muslims, and make Islam look bad. And within my family, I do not appreciate the people constantly searching for me to mess up so that they forever have a story about the time I slipped up. And within my friends, I do not appreciate those who are constantly waiting for me to slip up and say the wrong thing, simply for their own entertainment. It is so painful from day to day not knowing who to trust, or when to talk about my feelings. I have this blog in order to speak without an interuption. I get so tired of people asking for me to tell them my feelings and be honest but once I do that, they shut my down.
I notice this behavior often in women. I do not know whether it is because I choose to speak my honest opinion, or whether I choose to be happy. Whatever it is, people dislike it, and they try to shut me down. In the beginning of this blog, I stated that I do not appreciate people who slander Muslims and make the religion look bad. And what I mean by that is the crude behavior such as waiting for someone to mess up and think of way to break them down. Islam is a religion of peace and balance, but if we have people who misrepresent it to a world that wants us to die, then how can we spread the word of beauty? As I mentioned my family. I should be able to come to my family is love and the feeling of support. Instead I often feel like I have to sugarcode things simply to protect their feelings. But would they do the same for me? I feel like this is one of the problems in this world. People do not know how to care and trust and listen to those who truly do care for them. As for friends. I would always hope that I keep decent people around. But I would say a decent person is not someone who pressures me to do something after I repeatedly said I do not want to do it. Or then attempt to make me feel bad for not wanting to do that bad thing.

Lately I've also been thinking...
I am an ambitious person who has many dreams of becoming a mother, a chef, a business woman, a wife, but most of all someone who devoutly serves Allah(God). I strive each day to make these things become a reality. Even if this means one day or two I sit and do nothing but think. I want to be a GOOD Mother, I want to be a good Wife. I pray everyday That Allah gives me true faith. And while I strive for these things, I somehow feel like it is getting harder and harder to achieve... But at the same time, I have never been at so much peace in my entire time living... I dont know what to think.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch your attitude!!!

Many times when someone has something going on in there life they may hold an attitude. This can become a problem because sometimes we may feel like the world revolves around us. We may think that nothing more matters in the world but our own feelings. And this simply is not true. While you have a bad day, you may run across someone else who is having a bad day like yourself. If you both are having a bad day than most likey you will get into an altercation.

Some people aren't patient enough to walk away. So my message is to try to control your attitude when having a rough time.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I hope for in a man!

In my pursuit to finding a good husband, I hope for him to be beautiful. Beauty is not only the physical. Many people get caught up in the physical early. They may think... He has to be easy to look at of course. But to be honest, I've seen more physically beautiful ugly men than Ive seen physically ugly beauty...

1) I Hope for my future husband to love Allah(God) before anything else. Because if he loves God, he will treat me with respect and kindness.
2) I hope for my future husband to be smart. Bookwise and streetwise.
3) I want him to be supportive.

Im sure there are things that I want but I am not aware of yet... But all I can say is God has my best interest! I wont rush, unless I feel the time is right. I wont go too slow unless I feel the time is right. Im not saying I feel like I know everything for myself, but you know how you have the feeling in the pit of your stomach? You know how you just know when the time may be right for something? I pray that when the time comes I will know it!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The reasons I Love Islam!

Writing blogs is a new pasttime to me. I love making youtube videos expressing my opinions. But I never thought of writing a blog. This blog will be about why I love Islam. Because lately, I have had alot on my mind. Islam, my future career, my future family, and my goals in life. I realized that I am the happiest I have ever been in life. I asked myself why?

Since this past month of Ramadan, I have been striving to make all my prayers, and make them all on time. I have been striving to study and read more about Islam. I am young and I am faced with the many questions about my purpose to life. So I have been studying more Quran, and other scriptures. Right now, I am the happiest I have ever been in life. It wasnt easy to make it here, but I am soooooo Happy! I am growing, learning, and living. People who claim to hate Islam try to force their opinions on me by telling me that Im not happy. But how can they possibly say that? Im happy because I make my prayers, I strive to enjoin in right and forbid in wrong. That is the reason why I am happy. I love Islam because to me, TRUE Islam is the key to being happy. Not someone's culture, not someones ideas. TRUE Islam. The kind of Islam that allows me to worship none other but GOD. That is the reason I love Islam.