Afraid to be Muslim?

Afraid to be Muslim?
Why Must We have to hide?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I think that people need to be honest with themselves, the "HipHop artist" are simply tools and puppets or vessels for the government to pump whatever nonsense they want into the masses of people. So really, if parents don't want their children to be greatly influenced by what they hear, they need to teach and educate their children. HipHop used to be about empowering the weak and poor, now it is about material wealth. Maybe, it is time for people to take responsibility for their families...
Why is it that people never want to take responsibility for their things? We cannot continue to blame "The Media" for our faults within the household. Yes, it is true that the media often influences a lot of ill behavior. At the same time, parents should realize that their opinions and views about the world are greatly influenced by their household experiences. If a child is raised around nothing but fighting, arguing, and smoking weed, obviously when they hear a song that talks about the pain of growing up in that household, the child can relate. In retrospect, when a child hears a song glorifying smoking weed, they will be more likely to smoke weed because it is all they see at home. So who really should we blame?
Realize that the media will always be full of dirty tricks to suck youth into a self-ish, materialistic, egocentric, self-degrading mindset. So, it is the parents who should educate their child rather then try to change the Whole world! We have to be realistic!

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